PART 1 – Why is it important to have marketing representation as a lodge owner.

PART 1 – Why is representation marketing for lodges and hospitality industry important.

So often I meet owners of lodges and hear the same stories over and over how bad occupancy are and how expensive advertising is and how hard it is to get to meet agents/operators – yet when i ask a few key questions about what are they doing to increase there occupancy and exposure its not very much,most have no marketing company helping them,they do not attend travel shows they do not engage in any social media,yet they expect to have a successful business ( lodge or hotel )in a highly competitive industry.

we understand for small lodges where finances are limited to the amount of marketing they can afford,and it is also difficult on a limited finances to to choose the right marketing platforms and strategies if you do not know which is going to give you the best results.

that is why it is important to choose a marketing company that has this knowledge and can work alongside you to give you this guidance to help grow your business.

Mark & Angela Collins we are the owners of dreams4africa and are hands on with all our clients we run a very successful business with a great marketing team ourselves in Durban – Michelle in Johannesburg and Penny in Cape Town together we have personal relationships with all the top operators and together we can help you build your lodge into the travel industry.

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